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Who We Are

We started with our love for cooking as guidance. Our experienced chefs create delicious dishes, staying true to tradition, while enriching them with contemporary touches. With experience in the field, we operate throughout the range of catering with a focus on corporate and social events, while guaranteeing advanced catering services for every event.


Our mission is to be a reference point in modern gastronomy and high quality services, designed to provide pleasant tasting experiences, directly proportional to the needs of our customers.

Creative Cooking

Cooking is an art, an inspiration, a passion and a need for creation and enjoyment. We believe that a meal should be much more than just a recipe. Our specialized production staff turns the purest ingredients into unique taste experiences that stimulate the senses. This is the essence of high gastronomy and we serve it every day.

Flavors from All over the World

With respect to Cypriot, Greek cuisine and Mediterranean diet we are also able to present the best of world cuisine, following the international culinary trends. Travel with us to the tastes of the world.

Nutritional Values

Our deep love for good living and quality food is the driving force behind us in testing our boundaries and surpassing ourselves. Balanced meals with nutritional value so that what we offer is nothing less than absolute enjoyment.

Our Goal

Living in a fast-paced society, people are moving further and further away from home, as a result of the workload! Our goal is to fill this gap as best we can!

  • We choose the best materials as your mother would.
  • We take care of your diet as your partner would.
  • We create and cook with love as any parent would to gain the interest of their child.

Customer Benefits

  • Healthy food, with quality pure ingredients and art in cooking.
  • Large variety of dishes at extremely low prices.
  • Enjoyable classic meals.
  • Hot, fresh cooked food.
  • Specialized diet meals with the help of a nutritionist.
  • Specialized system with pre-order capability.
  • Solutions to save your time.
  • Weekly flexible schedule.
  • Healthy diet with a special diet.
  • Ensure proper nutrition through our contact with the client. 

Why Spitiko?

Award-winning Chef

Well-known chef are the combination that expresses the absolute professionalism.

Delicious & Healthy

Delicious and healthy food cooked with art, love and passion.

Fresh Ingredients

We use olive oil, fresh produce, fresh seasonal vegetables.

Reasonable prices

Well-cooked food at affordable prices for the daily feeding of employees.

Weekly Menu

Schedule your meals at the desireble dates. Save money and time.

Menu of the Month

Schedule the meals of the month at the desireble dates. Save money and time.

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