We share your HAPPINESS.

Come to us to create the “scenario” of your own Wedding reception that will suit your desires and will seal your choice with absolute success.

The MyCatering team is ready to impress you with its special atmosphere, Mediterranean and international cuisine, its delicious options, excellent service and dominance.

  • Experienced staff
  • Professionalism
  • Special equipment
  • Reasonable prices are what an amazing party needs.


The day of your child’s baptism is truly a special day!

The MyCatering team is ready to impress you with its special atmosphere, Mediterranean and international gourmet cuisine, its excellent service and prestige. Share your joy with your loved ones. Together we will organize a beautiful event, discussing all the details, according to your wishes.

Our suggestions include:

  • Special designed menus
  • Places (halls, estates, churchyards or the appropriate configuration of your space)
  • Cakes, ice cream cart, sweets
  • Decoration, candy bar, themed decoration, floral decoration, balloon compositions, inflatable toys
  • Equipment (tables, chairs, tents, tracks, playground, baby parks, etc.)
  • Special Services & happenings (face painting, show with magician, creative work groups, theatrical games, puppet show, karaoke, confectionery lessons, fireworks and more)
  • Sound coverage, DJ, lighting

Children’s Party

Children’s event with imagination!

We create unique parties for our little friends, full of imagination and flavors that will excite them. Give them joy with a theme party coming out of fairy tales, with their favorite heroes and cartoons. After all the years of experience in the field, we can adjust the menus to your needs and our little friend’s.

In our full supplied workshops we prepare fresh handmade delicacies and a big variety of pastries and cakes that will amaze the young and the adults. The dishes you have selected are ready just two hours before the event.

Food is transported to your premises in specially insulated boxes (aluminum foil boxes) and aluminum utensils, along with the necessary equipment.

Our partners are at your disposal to design and organize your own unique party, with lots of ideas, suggestions for space and decor. With original constructions as well as creative employment for children, with many activities and games by experienced entertainers, meeting all needs.

Our suggestions include:

  • Specially designed menus
  • Places (estates, churchyards or landscaping)
  • Decoration, candy bar, themed decoration, flower decoration, balloons, inflatable toys
  • Equipment (tables, chairs, tents, playgrounds, playgrounds, children’s parks, etc.)
  • Special services and activities (face painting, magic, creative activity groups, theater games, animateur, puppet theater, karaoke, pastry lessons, fireworks, etc.)
  • Sound coverage, DJ, lighting

Corporate Events

Impress your company event with MyCatering!

Our company extends to all areas of catering, such as corporate and social events as well as business unit supplies. To meet the needs of a business, our company can schedule and organize all kinds of events, presentations, conferences, corporate meetings, coffee breaks, cocktail party, brunch and formal work lunches. We provide suggestions with specially designed menus, covering even the most demanding cases.

To date, large companies have trusted MYCATERING BY SPITIKO FOOD CONCEPT services for their events.

To date, major companies trust the services of MYCATERING BY SPITIKO FOOD CONCEPT for their events. The greatest proof of the quality of our services is the long-term relationship we develop with individual or corporate customers, due to the sense of responsibility and prestige that characterizes us.

Event opening

Impress at your opening!

As in every new beginning, we are by your side to emphasize this special moment deliciously and with the high level of service that characterizes us. For the opening of your store or for any professional event in your space, MyCatering can offer you complete menu suggestions in buffet and finger food, but also additional services such as music investment with DJ’s professionals, special lighting and everything else you need for a successful event that will undoubtedly be discussed.

Dinner Party

Delicious meals in your space!

Based on your needs and preferences, choose the menus that will impress your guests. We offer separate menus, based on the rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, while providing the option to combine flavors that suit your requirements.

Fresh handmade dishes are prepared in our well-equipped workshop. The preparation of the dishes you have chosen is completed just two hours before the event. The food is transported to your place in special insulated boxes (thermocouples) and in aluminum utensils, along with the necessary equipment.

We also undertake to design your space with the appropriate equipment and experience.

We also undertake the design of your space with the appropriate equipment and experience we have. Quality flavors, professionalism, excellent service and reasonable prices are the features you need for a perfect meal that meets all of your needs.

Cocktail Party

Impressive Cocktail Party by MyCatering!

  • Cocktails with distinct flavors and aromas
  • Impressive MyCatering cocktail!
  • Cocktails with unique flavors and aromas, music, rhythm and fun will make your party stand out. With the right equipment, experienced bartenders, who make refreshing cocktails, small gastronomic delights, home-made flavors or sushi prepared by the chef in the presence of your guests, we will make your evening drunk and unforgettable!
  • MyCatering’s experienced staff, professionalism, specialized equipment and reasonable prices are all you need for a perfect party!
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